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Spend Less
Earn More
Save Time
Catch Fish Responsibly

N8 Ofish is here to help you


Catch more, responsibly

Catch more fish locally, make use of our fishing and weather advisory.


Spend less,

Reduce the cost of operations by reducing fuel costs by up to 30% per trip.


Earn more, productively

Increase your sales margins by selling your catch at profitable market rates.


Save time, efficiently

By providing you with information on when to fish and where to fish, N8Ofish is here to help you save time on your fishing operations.

Why N8 Ofish
Fishing Net


Real-time fishing and marine advisory and ecosystem connect for fisherfolks

The N8Ofish team works for you, we assist you in determining the optimum time to catch fish, reducing the number of fishing days each trip,

increasing the amount of money earned per trip, and conserving fuel.

Through our continued work, we are privileged to have the local fishing community's trust which is helping us grow more locally.

Putting fisher's first

At N8 Ofish we listen to fishing communities like yours.

We learn, and examine what’s important for you.

We provide you with solutions that meet your unique needs and goals.

Our outreach team live and work within the fishing communities around the country.


With local, multilingual, and personalized ongoing support for fisherfolk,

we continue to build N8 ofish across multiple regions and multiple types of fishing practices across the regions.

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How We Help




We help you to catch fish, connect with the market and sell fish.

Our N8 Buddies who live and work in fishing villages around the country can help you actively market your fishes based on demand.

We help you make 10% more on your sales and reduce 30% of your cost overall boosting your profitability

How we help

Product Features

Potential Fishing Zones

Tidal Timings

Algae Bloom Zones

Wind Direction

Wind Speed


Ocean Currents



Cloud Cover

Seafloor Depth

Multilingual App Support

Product Features

About Us

Our Organisation

We are one of the world’s leading companies in the field of applying data science for building an end-to-end seafood ecosystem addressing livelihoods, sustainability, and traceability. Incorporated in April 2018 we are supported and partnered by national and international organisations

Our Mission

N8 OFish creates equitable and accessible digital transformation products that build sustainable and profitable seafood ecosystems around the world.

Our Vision

To be the world's foremost trusted technology partner in building sustainable and profitable seafood ecosystems.

Our Team

we are a fairly young team. However, we are proud owners of two world-class products recognized and awarded by international organizations.

Our Technology

We use a lethal combination of latest satellite images and run them through our AI/Ml modules to provide all descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics for the seafood ecosystem. Our technology is validated by our 5000+ users across the world with successful results

About Us

Our Values

N8 Ofish aspires to use the best of technology and data science to build sustainable seafood ecosystems in a more holistic and integrated way by willfully holding on to a few core values that guide us on our journey.

Respect for
Local Traditions

We will work to respect, preserve and help flourish the wisdom of our seafaring ancestors.

Equity &

We aspire to build equality for all and believe our diversity should be celebrated.

Sustainability & Profitability

We will strive to fuse our business operations which practices the growth and care of our natural environment, local traditions, and profits.

Approachability & Accessibility

We believe that digital transformation should be designed keeping in mind those on the fringes of our digital infrastructure. Digital adoption should be a viable investment for communities and easily accessible to everyone that makes up our complex social-system.

Our Values

Pricing Plans

With affordable and flexible plans, you can choose however you like or need.

Pricing Plans

Happy N8 Ofish Fisherfolks